eFraud Solution

Key Product Features

Check Stock Counterfeit Detection validates different check stock objects and combines multiple approaches to automatically locate and perform image comparison of preprinted objects like headers of blocks such as check number, date, payee, dollar sign, memo, payor block, payor bank on a suspect check versus corresponding blocks on a reference check stock. The module analyzes the elements’ content, font type, font size and font spacing as well as the placement of each block and relative distances between sets or pairs of blocks.

Check Recognition accurately detects CAR/LAR mismatches between check amounts written in numbers (courtesy amount) and letters (legal amount). This provides an added element to detect counterfeits and alterations and delivers another safeguard against fraud.

Using multiple verification engines, Signature Verification combines seven verifiers with distinct capabilities to analyze dozens of signature features. This delivers unprecedented verification accuracy by considering all informative data extracted from a signature image, including biometric characteristics restored from the still image. It also may use multiple references to differentiate between natural deviations typical of a genuine signature and deformation digressions that indicate fraud.

Check Stock Counterfeit Detection

Detects the most sophisticated counterfeit checks with a secure filter. Check Stock provides precise verification of all main preprinted elements on business and personal bank checks and IRDs, offering the industry’s highest accuracy and reliability.

Check Recoginition

Automates capture and validation of the check courtesy amount and legal amount recognition (CAR/LAR), check number, payee block and MICR lines. Verifies signature presence, locates payor and extracts blocks.

Signature Verification

Detects Signature Fraud. Signature presence detection and verification capabilities ensure the industry’s highest accuracy rates in detecting random and skilled forgeries. Our advanced capabilities to produce multiple types of output means quickly adapting to unique business needs.